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Zenia Segovia is seventeen, single, and unfairly flunking high school. Life gets even worse when her mother disappears, leaving Zenia to pay bills while managing school and a part-time job.

At the mansion where she now works, she uncovers an enchanted dollhouse that takes human prisoners and turns them to wooden dolls if they try to escape. Its handsome teen residents begin a competition for her heart. Are they sincere or just bored? Does it really matter? Anything’s better than being alone.

In order to free her friends, she must confront a young sorceress who doesn’t understand why it’s so wrong to shrink people. Razor-sharp logic seems like a puny weapon against magic, but solving an ancient riddle could be the key to breaking the curse. If Zenia fails, she’ll forfeit her size, freedom, and the future she desperately wants with her new boyfriend. Ultimately, she must decide whether to keep her friends happy… or keep them forever.