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An Interview with Emily Asad

Emily Asad’s interview – Small

Just Released: The Dollhouse Romance

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Emily’s latest novel, The Dollhouse Romance, is out in print and e-Book format!

Zenia Segovia is seventeen, single, and unfairly flunking high school. Life gets even worse when her mother disappears, leaving Zenia to pay bills while managing school and a part-time job.
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Binge Writing

Sally Bosco interviewed Emily about Binge Writing. Here is the full interview.

What do you write?

I write for young adults, mostly between the ages of 13-18. I’ve had to learn to become an intensive writer because of my husband, whose big line is “But I married you so I could spend time with you…” How do you fight that? Being an author is a lonely and solitary business, when it comes down to it, so I suppose it’s a bit of betrayal in a way. In order to minimize his pain, I’ve learned to knock out entire novels in about two to three weeks, at a word count somewhere between 45-60,000 words. I simmer throughout the year, and then I purge when I get a solid chunk of free time. Continue reading

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