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An Interview with Emily Asad

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Just Released: The Dollhouse Romance

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Emily’s latest novel, The Dollhouse Romance, is out in print and e-Book format!

Zenia Segovia is seventeen, single, and unfairly flunking high school. Life gets even worse when her mother disappears, leaving Zenia to pay bills while managing school and a part-time job.
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Emily Asad: A Minnesotan Author

A native Minnesotan, nothing makes Emily happier than reading by the fireplace while it’s blizzarding outside. Her favorite authors include Tamora Pierce, Louisa May Alcott, and Frances Hodgson Burnett. Continue reading

Binge Writing

Sally Bosco interviewed Emily about Binge Writing. Here is the full interview.

What do you write?

I write for young adults, mostly between the ages of 13-18. I’ve had to learn to become an intensive writer because of my husband, whose big line is “But I married you so I could spend time with you…” How do you fight that? Being an author is a lonely and solitary business, when it comes down to it, so I suppose it’s a bit of betrayal in a way. In order to minimize his pain, I’ve learned to knock out entire novels in about two to three weeks, at a word count somewhere between 45-60,000 words. I simmer throughout the year, and then I purge when I get a solid chunk of free time. Continue reading

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